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          Our company is established at August 7th 2015; Sinopharm Group Hubei Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Co., Ltd is the holding subsidiary of Sinopharm Group Hubei Co., Ltd with independent legal qualification, specializing on distribution of pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs for the global market.


            Our company is obtained Drug Distribution Certificate at Dec. 7th, 2015 and got certified by GSP at Feb 20th, 2016.



                    Our company is innovative. We are striving towards a better future, and always aiming to please our customers by making sure the quality of our products is the best, along with keeping efficiency in mind, which are the cores of our company. The biggest advantage of our company is ample funding. By using this advantage, we have created a marketing net that is completely our own and bring in the best new products for our costumers. These resources provide us with extensive developmental and experimental research for our products. The company's products mainly include pharmaceutical APIs, food additives, pharmaceutical intermediates, veterinary APIs, pesticide APIs, with affordable prices, high quality and efficient logistics to provide customers with the  satisfactory service. After unremitting efforts and development, the sales network of products has spread all over the world.




            Our company is located in Wuhan, which is a historical city that lies in central China with convenient transportation. We warmly welcome domestic and international customers to visit and inspect our company. It is our wish to establish the long- term cooperative trade relationship with you!


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